Research programme Protection of the Critical Information Infrastructures

The research programme engages in the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures and systems and is covered by research laboratories Lasaris and Paradise from Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. This programme focuses on excellent research in three areas that are interconnected.

Research laboratories Lasaris and Paradise

The researchers from both labs together create a top level team that collaborates with industrial and academic partners. The research team engages in the design and testing of the critical information infrastructure in power grids, their architecture, communication technologies, processes, simulations and modelling.

On international scale the team engages in formal verification of software and cyberphysical systems, realizes and operates critical secure systems for sharing sensitive data in health care.

The research programme CII is lead by Barbora Bühnová (previously by Tomáš Pitner).

Research areas

The research covers three following areas that are closely interconnected and also significantly relate to other two research programmes.

Simulation and prediction analysis of critical infrastructures

• Modelling of critical information infrastructures, especially power grids and buildings.
• Simulation of systems and predictive analysis.
• Analysis of system sensitivity to negative influences.
• Identification of system bottlenecks and critical points.
• Influence of system architecture on expressed qualitative characteristics - security, reliability, resilience.

Formal verification of critical infrastructures

• Development of methods and techniques for automatic verification and analysis of large computer and cyberphysical systems.
• Technique optimalization to streamline and ensure secure software development.
• Modelling, verification, testing and monitoring of (commercial) processes related to cybersecurity, taking into account the legal and organizational constraints of critical infrastructure.

Recommendations for the implementation of critical infrastructures

• Designing recommendations related to the implementation of critical infrastructures from the perspective of security, reliability, resilience, privacy.
• Securing communication, data handling, including their storage and processing, and infrastructure supervision.



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