ENISA/EC3 workshop on CSIRT-LE cooperation

C4e participated in a workshop on the cooperation of security teams and law enforcement agencies organized by ENISA in cooperation with EC3 at Europol premises in The Hague.

17 Oct 2017 Václav Stupka

The workshop focused mainly on designing mechanisms for the cooperation between security teams and law enforcement bodies, particularly in the case of large cyber security incidents of an international scale.

Attention was paid mainly to the sharing of experience from this year's large-scale ransomware campaigns WannaCry and Petya, as well as to the new legislative intentions of the European Commission proposed as the so-called cyber-security package.

The C4e representative participated in discussions on possible implications of the implementation of these legislative instruments and distributed information on the LIVE_FOR project and the possibilities of using the EIO in the event of large-scale cyber security incidents.

For more information see: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/events/6th-enisa-ec3-workshop/6th-enisa-ec3-workshop 

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