C4e is a part of CONCORDIA H2020 project

CONCORDIA is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to integrate European cyber security competencies to strengthen European digital sovereignty and cybersecurity. One of the project consortium members is Masaryk University, specifically C4e.

4 Feb 2019

The answer to H2020 challenge

In the past decade, the European cybersecurity landscape evolved on the fragmented grounds of differing national priorities and was for a long time lacking major projects with a technological and economical “lighthouse effect”. With H2020, the European Union created opportunities for such strategic projects. One of the EU's major interests is to secure its digital economy, infrastructures, society, and democracy. CONCORDIA is one of four Horizon 2020 projects which have been launched in order to support this interest.

The leader for boosting Europe’s cybersecurity future

Just imagine how different cybersecurity capabilities, skills and talents are in academia, industry and public bodies. The purpose of the CONCORDIA project is to lead their integration and establish a pilot for a Cybersecurity Competence Network. It will be a network of strongly collaborating cybersecurity community of experts from various fields across Europe, using some specific tools and platforms. This will have a merely practical impact on innovation in research, education, policy, roadmaps and governance. 

The project formed a consortium of 46 partners. It involves industry, academia, SMEs and especially national Cybersecurity Centres. The integration of their competencies will become a base for future European cybersecurity ecosystem. This is an effort to exploit Europe's innovative potential in this area. This is followed by other project activities in the areas of research, education, policy and development and pilot prototype testing.

C4e is involved

Masaryk University is a member of the CONCORDIA project consortium and specifically, experts from the Czech Cybercrime Center of Excellence C4e are involved. In particular, they are involved in the areas of technical cybersecurity solutions, education and law. The project also uses the KYPO platform.

You can find more information about the project on its website or social media: 

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