A multidisciplinary center that
brings together excellent
research teams to address
complex cyberspace problems

C4e is conducting multidisciplinary
research, development, and education in
the cybersecurity, CII protection, and law.

Research Activities


Aside from keeping general awareness in a complex and evolving field of cybersecurity, this programme focuses on excellent research in its three complementary areas closely related to the other two research programmes. This research programme is carried out by CSIRT-MU.

CII protection

The research programme engages in the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures and systems. It is covered by research laboratories from Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University.


The research programme engages in the related legal aspects. Specifically, this programme focuses on the excellent research on the legal regulation of cyber security, cybercrime and cyber defense at national and international level, from the perspective of both public and private law.

Success Stories

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