Research teams

Research teams

C4e is a research center of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), but it is above all a multidisciplinary center, which takes full advantage of the wide range of scientific disciplines, in which are engaged researchers at the Masaryk University. The research teams are often compiled ad-hoc based on the needs of a specific research project. However there is a major collaboration between experts on cyber security from the security department of the ICS, CSIRT-MU team and lawyers from internationally recognized department focused on the technological law - the Institute of Law and Technology.


Institute of computer science - Security department

Security department is a part of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), which is a university institute of Masaryk University responsible for the development of information and communication technologies at the university. Security department ensures security of the IT infrastructure at the Masaryk University, the department also includes teams focused on incident analysis and handling, network traffic analysis and CSIRT-MU team.

CSIRT-MU is university security team which was established in 2009. CSIRT-MU is the first university security team from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland an Hungary that was listed (2009) and then accredited (2011) by the Trusted Introducer, the trusted backbone of the security and incident response team community in the Europe.

Security department focuses not only on the handling of cyber security incidents, but largely also on research and education in computer security. It boasts internationally recognized experts in the field of computer and information security and has very good results in national and international research projects.

Institute of Law and Technology

Institute of Law and Technology (ILT) has been established at Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, on 1 January 2010 as the first academic institution if the Czech Republic focusing on technology-related law and legal science. Its main areas of pedagogical, scientific and expert activity are the law of information and communication technologies, legal informatics and special disciplines of technology law, i.e. energy law, law of specific production etc.

Institute of Law and Technology is a leading scientific institution providing continuous expert advice to the Police, State Prosecution and the Czech courts in cybercrime and cyber-security cases.

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