Czech CyberCrime Centre of Excellence (C4e) is academic expert center which, as a part of Institute of computer science at the Masaryk University, focuses on excellent research, development and education in fields of cyber crime, cyber security, and protection of critical infrastructures. C4e makes use of Masaryk University facilities for interdisciplinary research which deals not only with technical issues but also with legal, organizational and social ones. C4e closely cooperates with stakeholders - not only with public authorities (National security authority, Czech police, intelligence services, Czech army) but also with private sector (technology platforms, private enterprises, etc.).


C4e attended Open-ended UNODC intergovernmental expert group meeting on cybercrime

10 April 2017

C4e representative attended as a member of observer group open-ended UNODC intergovernmental expert group meeting on cybercrime, which took place from...

LIVE_FOR Joint Meetings

6 April 2017

The LIVE_FOR project is organizing two one-day joint meetings with prosecutors, judges, investigators, and other practitioners in the area of cybercrime....

GDPR and eIDAS seminar

7 March 2017

Václav Stupka, a member of C4e, presented recent development of european legislation related to the personal data protection and to electronic identification....

C4e becomes a partner of LIVE-FOR project

1 December 2016

Two-year LIVE_FOR (Criminal Justice Access to Digital Evidences in the Cloud – LIVE_FORensics) project, co-funded by EU DG Justice, will identify the state...

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