Information centre

The C4e as a partner of LIVE_FOR project established a new information centre. Our centre is responsible for contact and communication with Central and Southern European countries. Our legal and forensic experts are here to help and to answer any questions and provide consultancy to the target groups about implementation issues of the European investigation order and the digital forensic investigations cases.

The also centre serve as point for face-to-face communication and exchange of information between the partners of the project and the target groups. It also serves as an interface between the target groups and the project activities. It supports the dissemination of the questionnaires, the collection of the data and the dissemination of the results of the LIVE_FOR project. Our members will happily provide the support required for efficient information about LIVE-FOR project and for the attracting participant for the educational activities of C4e and our partners and also to facilitate setting up of the cooperation agreements between project partners and the target group.

To contact the information centre, feel free to use contacts provided in the Contact section of this website.

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